Protect is the only severance scheme that offers your employees the choice of two account options including access to tax-free redundancy payments

Severance benefits

Severance benefits - Protect: Severance and Income Protection benefits

Protect leads the way for industry severance schemes, being Australia's first to offer workers the choice of two severance account options.

This progressive organisation gives you the opportunity to offer such innovations to your prospective workers, providing a significant advantage when seeking talented employees in an increasingly competitive industry.

In addition, making severance contributions to Protect assures workers that their entitlements are protected in trust, should their job be made redundant. This provides a major benefit to you by encouraging a secure and productive work environment. Contributing to Protect not only allows you to manage your legal and industrial worker redundancy obligations, but also provides tax advantages and steady cash flow management.

“The Protect severance and income protection scheme provides our employees with comfort in the knowledge their severance entitlements will always be safe and their income always secure in the event of personal illness or injury.”

“The value of Protect to our employees is second to none.”

“To be a leading employer in the electrical and mechanical industry you need to attract the best employees to your business. It is our experience that employees are persuaded to join our business because one of the more substantial benefits we offer is the security of Protect”.

David Colasante | Manager – Mechanical & Electrical Contracting South Eastern Aust | Downer Infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions

How much severance am I required to contribute on behalf of my employees?
The amount of severance each employer is required to contribute is determined by an enterprise agreement.

For the electrical industry, National Electrical Contractors Association can advise the contribution amounts you should be paying to us on behalf of your employees.

Contact the NECA office in your State:
Victoria: 03 9645 5533
Tasmania: 03 6236 3600
South Australia: 08 8272 2966
Western Australia: 300 632 292

Alternatively, please contact our Employer Relations Officer on 1300 344 249 for assistance.

How often do I need to make severance contributions?
Contributions are payable monthly in arrears. Payments are due on the first day of the following month, and must be paid by the 14th day of that month (for example, the November contribution is due on 1 December and payable by 14 December).

How do I manage and pay my severance contributions?
You can lodge and pay your contribution returns online through your secure Protect account.

To receive assistance from our Employer Relations Officer, please call us on 1300 344 249.

How do I check if I am up to date with my severance contribution payments?
Your online Protect account allows you to check the severance contributions made to your workers, and submit payments at any time.

Where can I find further information regarding Protect severance?
Please refer to the Severance brochure in the Publications section of our website.